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Dermatologists recognize Mohs micrographic surgery as a skin cancer treatment with the highest cure rate.  Mohs surgeons precisely identify and remove entire tumors while minimizing the removal of normal skin leaving healthy tissue unharmed and leaving smaller scars. The physician conducts a full examination of the cancerous tissue under the microscope ensuring that all margins of the skin are tumor-free.

Surgery typically starts early in the morning, and is performed in the office under local anesthesia. Mohs begins with the excision of cancerous tissue, which is then prepared for examination. The edge of cancerous tissue is marked with different colored inks, and a map of the specimen is drawn. Should the physician need to retrieve additional tissue from the patient, this map prevents the removal of normal, uninvolved tissue. The sample is then prepared by a technician, and slides are made for examination under a microscope by the physician. Any additional tissues positive for cancer are removed and examined under the microscope. Depending on the extent of the cancer, several layers may be removed during the procedure. Each layer takes about 45 minutes to prepare and process. Once clear of cancer, the wound is then closed.